The Almonte Core Saw

Variable Core sizing

Handles all core from BQ to PQ. Pieces up to 400mm long may be fed with ease. Broken core samples are also handled easily.


Water, dust and mud spill drains away. Mess is reduced to a tidy minimum.

Almonte Worldwide Safety Standards Almonte-CE_0092

The Almonte Core Saw has qualified for the following Safety standards:

  • C E – The Almonte Core Saw passed all the vigorous tests to be awarded the safety mark “CE” from the European authorities
  • AS 4024 .1501 – Plant Safety in the Mining Industry
  • Cat 4 – The Almonte Core Saw qualifies for a Category 4 rating. The Almonte Core saw complies and is recognised by the Australian Safety Standard and are quality controlled by a licensed electrical engineer.

Blade EfficiencyAlmonte Core saw Blade Hood

The diamond blade life is significantly improved. The motor speed is set to a recommended 2,500rpm for optimum cutting efficiency and a greatly improved blade life. Research and Development on our Blades is an ongoing to task, to ensure that we bring you the best in our range.


Operator SafetyRFID Blade Guard Handle

The Almonte Core Cutter offers a quantum leap in operator safety and user friendliness. Safety features include:

Safety features include:

A fully enclosed blade guard.

A Unique Patented RFID Safety Device incorporated within the Red Handle that shuts down the saw if the blade guard is raised exposing the blade. The RFID system cannot be overridden by inserting something between the sensors.

The drive feed activation is linked to blade operation. Neither operates in isolation to the other.

Computer controlled drives constantly monitor blade speed, pressure and feed chain speed. Operation shuts down if maximum pressure is exceeded.

A reverse drive mode to enable safe, easy clearance of obstructions.

Heavy Duty

Sturdily constructed from heavy duty steel that is primed and powder coated to resist corrosion, to provide years of hard work and reliability.

Noise reduction

The sound insulation kit dramatically reduces noise levels and noise fatigue.

These Kits can be supplied should they wear out or get damaged.

Sound dampened Blades will also assist.

Spare Parts

Almonte carry a full range of spare parts

All Parts are ex works and in Stock at all times, to ensure your machine stays up and running.


Suits most power supplies

Almonte Automatic Core Saws are available in models to suit most power supplies around the world.

Warranty protection

12 months written warranty applies on motor and gearbox components under normal operating conditions.

Replaceable components such as chains and blades are not covered by the warranty.

The use of Non Almonte blades and consumables can cause unseen damage and will void warranty!


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